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World Kiss: The Song

I'm releasing songs from the soundtrack for my book,
PRONOIA Is the Antidote for Paranoia.

This song is called "World Kiss."

If you have any trouble downloading the mp3, go here. Right-click the downward-facing arrow. On a Mac, click the mouse on the arrow as you press "Control."

Here are the lyrics:

The world is young, your soul is free,
and you are finally ready
to fall in love again and again
every day and every way.
So please feel free to fall in love
with this perfect moment
and this perfect place
with these perfect feelings
and all these perfect faces.

I love you
I love me
I love you and me together

I love us
I love them
I love us and them together

All of creation is alive and conscious, and all of creation deserves our burning, churning, yearning love. All of it. Not just the people and creatures and things that we personally find beautiful and helpful and interesting. But everything. All of creation.

If we want to become the gorgeous geniuses we were born to be, if we want to give back as many blessings as we are given, we've got to be in love with every single part of the Goddess's extravagant masterpiece.

And so we can't possibly be mere heterosexuals. We can't possibly be mere homosexuals or bisexuals.

If we want to commune with the world the way the Goddess does, we've got to be Pantheosexuals -- we've got to be experts in the art of Polymorphous Perverse Omnidirectional Goddess Diddling. Anything less is a lie, an obscene limitation.

With this in mind, I invite you to perform the ritual of the World Kiss. To do the World Kiss, conjure up your most expansive feeling of tenderness -- like what you might experience when you're infatuated with a new lover or when you gaze into the eyes of your new-born baby for the first time -- and then blow kisses to all of creation.

Blow kisses to the oak trees and sparrows and elephants and weeds. Blow kisses to the wind and rain and rocks and machines. Blow kisses to the gardens and jails, the cars and the toys. the politicians and saints, to the girls and the boys and every gender in between.

And with each World Kiss you bestow, keep uppermost in your emotions a mood of irreverent adoration and horny compassion. And remember that it's not enough simply to perform the outer gesture; you've got to have a heart-on in each of your seven chakras.

I love you
I love me
I love you and me together

I love us
I love them
I love us and them together

Rilke said that
"for one human being to love another
is the most difficult task.
It's the work for which all other work is mere preparation."

Teillard de Chardin said:
"Some day after we have mastered the winds, the waves and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love; and then for a second time in the history of the world, humans will have discovered fire."

Leo Tolstoy said:
"Everything I understand, I understand only because I love."

Pascal said:
"If you do not love too much, you do not love enough."

Emily Dickinson said:
"Until you have loved, you cannot become yourself."

You and I say:
Because we love
Ruby-throated hummingbirds sip from plum flowers
and the moon sings its silver fragrance
to the swans and volcanoes and fields of wheat

Because we love
Wild grapevines coil around the roots of the mountain
and mangoes ripen in the smoke of forest fires

Because we love
Everything alive swims in an eternal river
that flows through our dreams all night long

I love you
I love me
I love you and me together

I love us
I love them
I love us and them together

I'm blowing World Kisses to you right now, and to everyone you love and to everyone you hate. I'm blowing World Kisses to all the convenience store clerks in the world. I'm blowing world kisses to the Norwegian widower working on an oil rig off the coast of Nigeria and to the weaver playing cards with her nine-year-old granddaughter in a bus station in San Salvador.

I'm blowing World Kisses to all the ravens in Ontario, and to the tornado rolling along the eastern coast of the Black Sea, and to the 15-year-old tractor rusting in a junkyard in Montevideo, Uruguay.

I'm blowing World Kisses to the woman who broke my heart, and to the friend who betrayed my trust, and to the rich old white male politicians in Washington who hate everything I stand for.

I'm not afraid of running out of love. The more love I give, the more love I have to give.

On you and me and all of everything, I bestow my ripest blessings, and hereby declare that since my atoms and your atoms were ripped asunder at the Big Bang, I have fantasized of our rapturous reunion.

World Kiss is brought to you by the ecstatic state of mind that the poet Daniel Ladinsky enjoyed when he said,
"One regret, dear world,
that I am determined not to have
when I am lying on my death bed
is that I did not kiss you enough!"

I love you
I love me
I love you and me together

I love us
I love them
I love us and them together


Composer and producer: Rob Brezsny
Lead vocals: Rob Brezsny
Additional Vocals: Nina Lakshmi
Production assistance: Josh Brill

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