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Free Union

by Andre Breton
translated by B. Zavatsky and Z. Rogow

My woman with her forest-fire hair
With her heat-lightning thoughts
With her hourglass waist
My woman with her otter waist in a tiger's mouth
My woman with her rosette mouth a bouquet of stars of the greatest magnitude
With her teeth of white mouse footprints on the white earth
With her tongue of polished amber and glass
My woman with her stabbed eucharist tongue
With her tongue of a doll that opens and closes its eyes
With her tongue of oncredible stone
My woman with her eyelashes in a child's handwriting
With her eyebrows the edge of a swallow's nest
My woman with her shoulders of champagne
And a dolphin-headed fountain under ice
My woman with her matchstick wrists
My woman with her lucky fingers her ace of hearts fingers
With her fingers of new-mown hay
My woman with her armpits of marten and beechnuts
Of Midsummer Night
Of privet and angelfish nest
With her seafoam and floodgate arms
Arms that mingle the wheat and the mill
My woman with rocket legs
With her movements of clockwork and despair
My woman with calves of elder tree pith
My woman with her feet of initials
With her feet of bunches of keys with her feet of weaverbirds taking a drink
My woman with her pearl barley neck
My woman with her Val d'or cleavage
Cleavage of a rendezvous in the very bed of the mountain stream
With her breasts of night
My woman with her undersea molehill breasts
My woman with her breasts of the crucible of rubies
With her breasts of the specter of the rose beneath the dew
My woman with her belly of the unfolding fan of days
With her giant claw belly
My woman with her back of a bird fleeing vertically
With her quicksilver back
With her back of light
With her nape of rolled stone and damp chalk
And a falling glass that's just been sipped
My woman with her rowboat hips
With her hips of a chandelier and arrow feathers
And stems of white peacock plumes
Her hips an imperceptible pair of scales
My woman with her buttocks of sandstone and abestos
My woman with the buttocks of a swan's back
My woman with her buttocks of springtime
With her gladiolus sex
My woman with her sex of placer and platypus
My woman with her sex of seaweed and old-fashioned candies
My woman with her mirror sex
My woman with her eyes full of tears
With her eyes of violet armor and a speedometer needle
My woman with her savannah eyes
My woman with her eyes of water to drink in prison
My woman with her eyes of forests forever beneath the axe
With her eyes of sea-level air-level earth and fire

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