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My Show at the Symbiosis Gathering

I will be doing my pagan revival show SACRED UPROAR at this year's Symbiosis Gathering. It's September 17-20 in Oakdale, CA.

SACRED UPROAR is based on material from my book Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia. It's poetically and scientifically formulated to invoke insurrectionary beauty, mystical activism, and friendly shocks.

I'll be doing "Sacred Uproar" at The Hub, one of the main stages. I'm scheduled for 5:15 on Friday, September 18.

Symbiosis smaller photo symbiosis littler pdf_zps3494fajg.jpg

Main page for the festival
My page
Other performers

Also on the Symbiosis bill are several cultural heroes whose work I love:

Amy Goodman from "Democracy Now"

Visionary Activist Caroline Casey

Slam poet Saul Williams

The Yes Men

and two of my favorite music-makers, Coco Rosie and The Polish Ambassador

as well as many other provocative speakers and musicians


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